We offer security
because we are sure
of what we offer.

We are constantly committed to innovation and investment in
R&D to find the best possible solutions and systems,
not only to give a better service to people but also
for improve the environment. And although it's okay
Let's say, it's still better that we show it.

of product

Environmental declarations
of product (DAP)

We invest to research,
develop and innovate.

We have our own and associated laboratories to certify the quality of
our products and, furthermore, we are committed to studying and testing new
processes and different greener systems that contribute to the future of
construction is, once and for all, more sustainable.

+300,000 €
in projects of

Our partners

Development of new materials
recycled from waste
of multilayer PET containers
for shoe applications,
toys and construction.

Development of new laminates
improved for construction
made with recycled material.